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Testimonials from Kauai Vacation Rental Photography Clients
NOTE: Steve has moved from Kauai and is no longer available for photography.
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Testimonials - Kauai Vacation Rental Photography

  • You are getting quite a fan club going with us .... we all just keep saying how easy you are to work with and how easy going and good you are! Of course you realize you can never move out of the state?! ~ Homes & Land Magazine 5/04

  • I have two units at the cliffs resort for rent and last year decided to try your service for just one unit. I'm pleased with the results and based on the hit counter at my website, you are sending the most business my way. I am panning to renew with you .. which is more than I can say about a bunch of other vacation rental directories!!!  ~ DJ 10/03

  • We paid a visit to 'the' website earlier today to see how things were shaping up with our listing and we are VERY pleased with what we see! Thanks ... for doing such nice work with the photos and the virtual tour. Your photographer has a very good eye - we've taken numerous photos ourselves, as did our own web site developer. By far, yours are the most flattering and convey the unit the best. Mahalo ~ RR & PH 9/03

  • I'd like you to know how grateful I am for your help and support since we launched "Blue Kauai." Your website has been a tremendous source of traffic for us and I wanted to say a heartfelt "Thank You." We've been growing the business one happy guest at a time! ~ P.L. 8/03

  • I was recently on your website trying to do some planning for a surprise trip back to Kauai for our anniversary and noticed that you had updated it with some absolutely stunning new photographs of the properties ~ GP 8/03

  • We are doing very well with our bookings, thanks to you. ~ M&L

  • We are getting plenty of inquiries (about doubled), and we are booking nicely.

  • Thanks for the recent referral. We have been having great success since we listed with you. ~D.L.

  • The house is nearly fully booked for the next 5 months and our webmaster hasn't even gotten it listed on our site yet. All bookings so far have all come from your site. ~V.A.

  • I want to congratulate you for zooming to the top of Yahoo for a search for "kauai vacation rental". I have received three bookings, all from your list (since listing 32 days ago). The word LIST was brilliant. Way to go! I don't like (others) service or their price tag, so I am not on their directory. I'm actually quite pleased that you have displaced them. Quite a feat! Also, that you have price immediately available is very user friendly. Again congratulation.

  • Just to let you know that I already received requests from visitors for my 2 condos (that came to me from being listed in your web site).  I feel that my investment in your photos is already got pay back. Anyway thank you so much for your help. (this came 4 days after photos were finished)

  • Bookings are doing great. We had a few holes in May and June but the rest of summer is booked and now we are on Fall inquiries. Winter is full until middle of March. I notice we get lots of traffic from your sites. 

  • You've done a super job.  It has really changed the way we rent the unit.  I cannot believe the difference.  We rarely send out info by mail anymore and have reduced our print advertising.  It has really exceeded my expectations.

  • Thanks for all the help on my Kauai-beach-vacation-home site -- I'm very happy with the results!  I'm just about 100% booked through August. 

  • We couldn't be more pleased - I hope you and Gloria are as proud of these results as we are !!!  We pulled up the old pictures just for fun, and these are such a dramatic contrast !!!!  What a wonderful investment this was, Steve, it has been such a pleasure working with you, and we are grateful to Gloria and Bob for the referral.  If you ever need testimonials for other owners / potential clients, have them call us !  (Although I know you already have more business than you need)

  • Your pictures are some of the best I've seen. In fact when I would go back to Kauai I was always disappointed that the (my) real condo didn't look as good as the pictures.

  • Thank you so much for a nice work and specially for all the extra free pictures. I especially appreciate your great communication skill during this tedious process.  Your very thoughtful and detailed e-mails make this process so enjoyful and interesting.  I certainly recommend your quality work and professionalism to everyone in the future.

  • I have gotten a significant increase in the number of inquires since you did your thing a few months ago.  Unfortunately I only have one condo to rent.  Perhaps you should warn people that if you build them a web site, they may need to buy more condos to keep up with the increased number of hits and inquiries.

  • What wonderful photos and surrounds shots (Virtual Tour Scenes) those are!  I can't be more impressed by the excellent quality of the shots, the perfect angles (you) achieved and how (your) work makes the place look even more glorious and spacious that it already is.  Super job!  Those images will definitely sell the property.  Terrific!

  • THE IMAGES ARE WONDERFUL! They are stunning!  Exposures are perfect. And you can see the outside details through the windows.  We both enjoyed them a great deal.  Beautiful work, Steve!

  • Sensational!  You do such great work--thanks. We like all the photos as all are excellent.

  • NICE pics. are really good. I think the pictures make any site. When you are itching to go on a vacation you want to see those pictures and be inspired! Put together a digital photography training cd and I'll be the first to buy one.  Your work is so good it almost has me past inspiration to depression. ...a frustrated photographer.

  • Excellent photos! And the digital delivery is a wonderful thing!

  • Thanks for all, especially the personal attention. Your professionalism is a credit to who you are.

  • Have you been called a "genius" lately? Well, we are tickled pink with the pictures. It is so much more fun writing a check for your kind of work.

  • You guys made the photo shoot a fun day again, thanks!

  • I would definitely say WELL DONE! Gold stars and an A plus!

  • Your work looks FANTASTIC, as always!

  • I want to thank you for working so hard!

  • Thanks Steve, It feels good to know we're on the right track with you!

  • You've got mom doing cartwheels!

  • OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh- FABULOUS PICTURES!!  I wonder why I am in Texas!

  • (We) are really excited about your excellent photography and web page skills.  Thanks for getting the photos done so quick.

  • Steve the shots look great, especially the bedroom and living room interior. The wide angle really shows it off well. It will be hard to choose the ones we want to use.

  • Just how do you get the interior shots so clear and nicely exposed and so wide? ...How do you get the rooms to look so bright? You are amazing. I really like the patio shots too. do you get those amazingly perfect exposures? Does the Kaui college teach digital photo?  If so you should be teaching it.

  • Oh my - I just looked at your web site - your work is FANTASTIC!  What a difference it makes when you have great pictures on a vacation rental site.

  • Steve, we really enjoyed seeing your work...  You clearly have invented some new approaches to accommodate the problem of indoor / outdoor location shots. And of course, the quality is outstanding.

  • We have been enjoying and drooling over the photos and ... we're wondering what we're doing here.

  • We absolutely love the pictures and the way everything looks.  Fantastic work.  ...Once again, thanks for such great pictures.  The place looks so good that if we didn't already own it, we would try to buy it.  Mahalo. Another satisfied customer.

  • Thank you Steve for the update.  I named you the best communicator in the business.

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